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Welcome to Azure Inspector

Azure Inspector is a web interface for working with your azure storage data. You can work with your azure tables, blobs, queues under any platform e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices.

With Azure Inspector you can do:
  • create & delete azure tables;
  • read/create/update/delete tables records using filters;
  • Easily build filter queries;
  • highlight interesting records;
  • create & delete azure blob containers;
  • create & delete azure blobs;
  • download & view blobs;
  • manage blob leases;
  • manage blob metadata;
  • manage blob container metadata;
  • view & edit content of page blobs (like vhd drives);
  • resize page blobs;
  • create & delete azure queues;
  • push & pop messages;
  • and many more.

There are a lot of features that are planned to be implemented. But those that already have been implemented may be helpful for your.

Your feedback and support will help this project to grow and will help other users. Please feel free to submit your feed back here or contact me directly at

Currently it is in BETA stage. Use it on your own risk.

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